Janna Kalmakoff  owner/instructor 

Ms. Janna’s love for music started at birth, as she eagerly watched her older siblings playing the piano! She has been making her own music since the age of four, when she began piano lessons.  Her studies led her through the Royal Conservatory of Music program. During this time, Ms. Janna’s love for teaching children began, as she taught private piano lessons to several beginner students. While completing her B.A. in Calgary, Janna started working for Chinook School of Music, where she was trained in Early Childhood Music through their Music Kids program.  After teaching weekly classes over the course of two years, Janna wished to expand her knowledge of preschool education and moved to Vancouver to train as an AMI Montessori Guide and ECE Educator. After guiding children in Montessori classrooms for several years, Ms. Janna decided that it was time to combine her love of music with her passion for early childhood education.  In 2013, she created Little Mountain Music Club, developing a unique and exclusive curriculum for young music lovers.  She has been working with young children and teaching music for 20 years now!