Bring our one-of-a-kind programming to your centre!

Our programs are customized according to the specific age group and philosophy of each centre. We create a truly exceptional experience for children and caregivers alike. 

Babies (6 – 24 months)

Smiles, laughter, and coos are sure to result from this adult-participated music class for babies and tots! In classes, babies will:

  • Receive a gentle and nurturing introduction into the world of music.
  • Explore music at their own pace in a fun and engaging group setting which encourages socialization.
  • Enrich their fine and gross motor development through our many activities and games, which connect movement and instrument play.
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of instruments suitable for the very young, including shakeres, drums, chikitas, and many more!
  • Have the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving environment alongside their caregivers.

Toddlers  (2 – 3 years of age)

Join us for an inspiring and imaginative introduction into the world of music. In this class, toddlers will: 

  • Joyfully experience music through song, movement, and instrument play.
  • Gain independence through various games and activities, where they will have the opportunity to create, explore and share with one another.
  • Connect movement with music and rhythm.
  • Discover exciting instruments, such as xylophones, ukuleles, and djembes!
  • Get introduced to musical concepts, such as tempo and musical dynamics such as soft/loud and slow/fast.
  • Learn to socialize with other toddlers, as basic concepts such as waiting for one’s turn and sharing.

Preschoolers (3 – 5 years of age)

In our preschool classes, your little musicians will venture a step further into rhythm exploration. Here, children will: 

  • Discover more advanced musical concepts, as well as their symbols and terminology. 
  • Explore rhythm, notation, and tempo through vocal, clapping, and musical games.
  • Develop early musicianship skills, exploring notation and composition all through engaging singing, instrumentation, and storytelling activities.
  • Begin working with the colour-coded handbells, studying basic chords and melodies in a group setting.
  • Learn about the lives and music of the great composers!
  • Prepare for private music instruction.