Welcome to Little Mountain Music Club, a musical adventure!

A child’s first introduction to music should be exploratory, educational and most of all, fun. At Little Mountain Music Club, we bring music and rhythm to life through our interactive songs, movement activities, and group storytelling.  We believe that movement and learning are inseparable, so we’ve combined the two in all aspects of our unique curriculum! Our method appeals to all of the senses, providing a holistic approach to music learning for your little ones.  Here, children can freely explore drums, shakers, bells, scarves, and more—not to mention a wide variety of world instruments!

Our imaginative and engaging classes reflect the important role that music plays in a child’s development.  We provide a positive and exploratory environment, which always respects a child’s individual pace. The creative games and activities that we play provide budding musicians with listening skills and musical direction, further preparing them for all of their future musical endeavours. This is a journey you won’t want to miss!